I’ve had many people ask about the beautiful engagement ring I gave to my fiancée. For the flawless detail and quality, the credit goes to Mark Reyes (The same man who created my parents’ wedding rings). Thank you Mark for making the entire process such an enjoyable experience!
— Corben Bleu (Actor - High School Musical)
Your work is gorgeous! I am very impressed with your eye for design, skill and craftsmanship . You are truly a gifted individual. Thank you!!
— Cathy Shibayama
My girl was speechless when I presented to her the very special gift you created for me to give to her. I am still amazed at how you were able to take an idea I had in my head for the perfect gift and a rough sketch on a napkin and turn it into a perfect finished work of fine custom designed jewelry so quickly. It is an everlasting work of jewelry art that she will cherish. It’s almost like you are a mind reader. Your process is flawless with the use of cad renderings and 3D printed prototypes, but what makes it worth every penny is the personal touch you provide that you just don’t find anywhere else these days. You’ve now got a customer for life. You put the word ‘Man’ in ‘Manhattan’.
— Battista
Just saw the upcoming images of your jewelry for the Japas 38 Halloween party.
And I think they are so cute and pretty. I cannot wait to get them so therefore I have to win that contest!
— Lina
Mark was on hand for all convo concerns. I highly recommend his work. He was very accommodating on how I could receive this piece at the most convenient way. it is a solid piece. This is great for anyone who loves hearts.
— Joe P.
This is one of the best rings I have ever purchased!!! I adore it!!! Top quality and very comfortable. THANK YOU! :-)
— Jessica S.